When the housing market revved up last summer, the talk focused on where buyers were moving to and why. From Zoom happy hours to cable news shows, armchair pundits fueled the narrative of a mass exodus from cities into suburbs. Within @properties, we also saw a spike in suburban sales, but it didn't appear to be at the expense of the city. Now, new data and research confirms what we've been saying all along: The demise of the city has been greatly exaggerated. 

In the latest episode of @ The Market, two distinguished guests, Dr. Sam Kling of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Dr. Geoffrey J.D. Hewings of the University of Illinois, dive into the findings and what they mean for both city and suburban markets post-pandemic. Then, @properties co-founders Mike Golden & Thad Wong provide some boots-on-the-ground analysis of current market conditions.

Watch to find out:

  • Why the pandemic alone won't create permanent changes in where we live
  • Whether home prices are expected to continue their recent rise
  • What this year's record-setting single-family home sales say about Chicago
  • Why 1- and 2-bedroom condo sales in the city are up double-digits over last year

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