Escape games challenge the mind on Tinley Park property. At Crack the Code groups willingly enter into seemingly precarious situations to test their sleuthing skills. Different rooms feature different plots. And, once the door closes the clock starts ticking.

Groups find puzzles and solve riddles to unlock clues and move forward through the game. The ultimate goal is figuring it all out before time is up. It’s all in fun so when groups seem to be stuck the game master can assist them in moving forward.

Three scenarios beckon players on the Tinley Park property. There’s loads of confusion in the Garden of Chaos. The beauty of the plants and flowers call to those who wander into the space. Once in the land of enchantment shadows flicker and darkness appears. Explorers soon realize the garden is alive with ill intent and all passageways are sealed.

Those who are claustrophobic should stay out the elevators or they may find themselves Trapped. Almost a hundred floors up the doors don’t open and cables start to snap. There really is no time to panic as only the quick witted can figure out a way to escape the steel enclosure.

Challenge Awaits Tinley Park Real Estate Residents

Ghost tours are not for the faint of heart. Brave souls are separated on a ghost tour of a mansion that turns out to be all too real. In Behind the Bookcase a true spector seeks its prey. Trapped in a hidden enclosure in the library it’s nearly impossible to find a way out. The ghost in charge will release his prisoners but only if they can successfully solve the mystery of his untimely death.

Rooms are designed with a medium degree of difficulty and welcome a minimum of 2 players. Experiences last 60 minutes and participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their reserved time. The Garden of Chaos can be adapted to a more kid friendly scenario for families interested in playing with younger children.

Tinley Park real estate residents gather together to solve mysteries and win the game. Reservations at Crack the Code can be made online or by calling 708.860.6930.