An important take on a very strange year that was 2020. @TheMarket special report takes a look back at how COVID-19 changed real estate and whether or not those changes will endure. @properties co-founders Thad Wong and Mike Golden provide perspectives on everything from gratitude and the growing value of home to season-defying home buying momentum and COVID-19 real estate trends that will be long lasting.

  • Summing up the year :57

  • An unseasonable busy winter for real estate? 1:55

  • Chicagoland real estate strong this winter through spring. 3:50

  • When the pandemic settles down, will housing market? 4:35

  • The future of new construction condos. 6:40

  • The transaction the most represents 2020. 10:56

  • Best buying opportunities in the city? 16:34